How We Fund

Our funding is driven by impact and by the notion that high-performance organizations should get what they need with a minimum of fuss.

As a group, we look for organizations that:

  • Address a fundamental need of the poor – livelihoods, health, basic education, and clean energy.
  • Are focused by a central, scalable solution, meaning they show real impact, are cost-effective, and can eventually scale up via the market, government, or adoption by many NGO’s.
  • Have the right leadership and the capacity to deliver.

Established organizations must show rigorous evidence of impact and early stage organizations must make a strong and cogent case for eventual impact – and show how they’re going to measure it and scale it up.

Living Goods

Photo provided by Living Goods

We look for organizations that go about the work in a business-like way – we think of them as businesses focused on impact, whether they make money or not. We look for agile leaders who pay attention and are able to change course when needed. The organizations we like are driven by data and continually collect the information that allows them to improve their ideas, operations, and organizations.

We look for sound management systems, the ability to raise money, attract talent, and more than anything else, we watch the pace of progress. We are not just looking for linear growth; we want organizations that, one way or another, can drive exponential growth of impact over time.

How we fund

Photo provided by mothers2mothers

Most of us provide unrestricted funding – we don’t fund an organization unless we are confident they know best how to use the money. We want to get them the money they need to do to do what they do best while putting them through minimal hassle.

We want to highlight the best stuff out there – the organizations with the most impact, the best management, and the greatest potential. Big Bang organizations have won the confidence of multiple impact-obsessed funders and deserve wide support.

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