Big Bang is about working together to drive resources toward those who know best how to create change. There are several ways to join in the effort:

1. Join the Big Bang Philanthropy group if you:

  • Devote $1 million or more per year to international poverty
  • Buy into our common approach
  • Share at least 5 investments in Big Bang organizations (or are ready to commit to doing so)
  • Want to actively collaborate with like-minded funders
  • Are willing to be publicly associated with Big Bang

Please contact us via the email below or get in touch with one of our members. You don’t have to change anything about how you currently fund organizations. You just have to be ready to commit a significant share of your resources to a common set of principles and organizations.

2. Make a big donation to a Big Bang organization. If you are considering support of $50,000 or more and want to discuss it with a Big Bang member, please let us know. If we can arrange a useful conversation for you, we will do so.

3. Fund for impact.  Follow Big Bang. At present, we have only a website. As we evolve and grow, we will develop other ways to provide useful information to our colleagues in the social sector. Please be aware that we do not accept funding proposals; each member funds an organization based on their own independent mandate.

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