Who We Are

Big Bang Philanthropy is a group of like-minded funders – individuals and foundations – focused on solutions to profound poverty and committed to getting the most impact for their money.

We each make independent decisions in our own way, but we all meet these criteria:

  • Dedicate at least $1 million per year to poverty solutions in developing countries
  • Support organizations committed to creating and scaling-up real impact
  • Fund at least five organizations in common
  • Want to actively collaborate with other funders

We’re all looking for organizations with great solutions to poverty and the ability to take impact to scale. When we find them, we share them. We want to ensure that those who are best at creating change get what they need to do it.

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All of us commit at least $1,000,000 a year to poverty solutions across a number of organizations, and fund at least five organizations in common. We share our leads, insights, networks and due diligence, and we all work to connect funders with each other and with the organizations we support.

As a group, we fund both non-profits and for-profits. We fund early start-ups, established organizations that are already scaling up, and everything in between. We do grants, loans and equity investments – whatever will drive maximum impact for the target population. To date, we are more focused on grants than investments.

Who we are

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We don’t pool our money; everyone makes their own funding decisions in their own way. Many of us also support organizations focused on issues other than poverty. We each have our own priorities, strengths, and methods.

We call this Big Bang Philanthropy because 1) we are all looking for the biggest impact bang for the philanthropy buck, 2) we hope it’s the start of something big, 3) we want the universe of impact-driven philanthropy to expand indefinitely, and 4) it keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.

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Bohemian Foundation’s Global Programs focus on the areas of poverty alleviation, health, and the environment. Visit website


The Cartier Charitable Foundation strives to improve the livelihoods of those most vulnerable. Its needs-based and result-oriented philanthropic strategy aims to build the capacities and strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable groups, women in particular.  Visit website


Child Relief International Foundation is focused on helping the poorest people in the poorest countries. CRI funds the health needs that are hardest to fund. Visit website


David Weekley Family Foundation logo

The David Weekley Family Foundation works to alleviate global poverty, primarily in the areas of education, health, and financial security. They provide a combination of treasure, time, and talent to help social entrepreneurs reach scale. Visit website


David Richards Kaplan Foundation believes that dedicated, talented leadership is the essence of social change. To this end, DRK Foundation provides funding and business mentoring to social entrepreneurs as they begin their non-profit organizations.
Visit website


Lundin Foundation logo

The Imago Dei Fund provides grants and support to a broad range of organizations working to create a more just world. Imago Dei seeks to partner with inspired change-agents working around the world to transform injustice with passion, faith, human solidarity, innovative ideas, effective programming, a collaborative bent, and a shared vision of a better world.
Visit website

Jasmine Social Investment logo

Jasmine Social Investments fund entrepreneur led organisations targeting big problems with a market-based, impact-driven approach. We currently fund 20 experienced entrepreneurs developing scalable models to provide healthcare, education and improved livelihoods to the world’s most disadvantaged.
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The Montpellier Foundation supports organizations working towards the creation of opportunities for economically disadvantaged people that will improve their standards of living.
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The Mulago Foundation is focused on scalable solutions to the basic needs of the very poor. Created to build on the life work of Rainer Arnhold, Mulago’s primary investments are the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program for social entrepreneurs, and a portfolio of more than 20 high-performance organizations battling poverty.
Visit website


Open Road Alliance partners with high achieving nonprofit organizations to turn unforeseen circumstances into positive impact
Visit website

Peery Foundation logo

The Peery Foundation’s mission is to strengthen youth and families to build lives of dignity and self-reliance. We primarily invest in and serve early to mid-stage social entrepreneurs who are effectively addressing the issues of poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world.
Visit website

Planet Wheeler logo

Planet Wheeler Foundation was established by Maureen and Tony Wheeler, founders of Lonely Planet Publications to support practical and effective projects which make a difference in the alleviation of poverty. We currently fund over 50 projects in the developing world, mainly in East Africa, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia and Laos.
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Segal Family Foundation seeks to make efficient and effective contributions to development in Sub-Saharan Africa. We find and fund grassroots innovations that might otherwise be overlooked.
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Vitol Foundation began making charitable grants with the aim of enabling children living in deprivation to reach their potential in life.

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